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charge again // regain spirit // electrify // refresh // restore // advance in power


Recharge is a one-night event hosted by the local church in partnership with Rose of Sharon Summer Camps to bring a refreshing to the body of believers; to give, direct, and restore enthusiasm and energy to a common divine purpose of growth!


Together, with the local church, we want to remind each student of what God has done and that he isn't finished doing epic things in and through them. We also desire to utilize the opportunity to share camp with your church and community, bringing together area churches within the camp family for a one-night event. Also, we want to provide churches in your area without a camp home an opportunity to see what the Rose of Sharon Summer Camp family is all about.


Think of Recharge as camp in a one-night event for the entire church body, complete with the RoS Camps worship band led by Pastor Kevin Reich (Brookside Church, Branson MO) and a relevant and dynamic Word presented by our camp director Pastor Tim Rose (Rose of Sharon Church, Burlison TN). We are planning pre-service game-time and a time of prayer prior to the start of service.  In our time with you, we desire to pour not just into your students, but also into your adults and leadership team.


As you can tell, we are excited to bring a one-night camp explosion to recharge you, your students, and your church. If you are interested in hosting a Recharge event and partnering with us, please present this information to your pastor and church leadership. For questions and scheduling, please contact our office at your earliest convenience. We can't wait to hear from you!

But wait, how much does it cost us to host a Recharge event? All we ask of your church, financially speaking, is for a love offering to help cover the cost of lodging and travel for our team.

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